PTL is team of highly trained timber engineers specializing in the design and construction of buildings and bridges. With 50 years combined experience in applying traditional and state-of-the-art technologies in an innovative and affordable manner, the PTL timber engineers provide professional consulting services and work in partnership with developers, architects, and construction companies ensuring the highest quality end result with real build-ability.

PTL timber engineers will provide your project with access to the latest technologies and analysis techniques. As clients demand more from their structures PTL provides a focussed solution in a cost effective manner but with your buildings safety as their highest priority. Our engineers have helped shape the world of timber and seismic engineering and are involved in some of the world’s most exciting timber projects. Be it a 2 or 20 storey timber building PTL will ensure your project is a world leader.

So we only know timber?
No, at PTL we like timber to play a starring role in our projects, but we also firmly believe that every material has its part to play. By allowing every material to play to its strengths our structural solutions find the right balance between aesthetics and economy, thinking and doing.