News archive 2015

    Innovation on stilts

    Innovation on stilts, the Callaghan Innovation Lab Office Pod is taking shape. Inspiration from Chris Moller and Makers of Architecture with engineering from PTL.
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    Agreement paves the way for Pres-Lam in North America

    FPInnovations has gained exclusive rights to Pres-Lam (FPInnovations signs licensing agreement with NZ-based firms), recognizing it as the right building system to enhance the appeal of constructing mid-rise and tall timber buildings, and paving the way for the increased use of Pres-Lam in North America.
    PTL already consult to some of North America’s top firms, ensuring their buildings remain world leading through the application of Pres-Lam and other exciting structural timber technologies.
    As the world experts in the design and application of Pres-Lam technology, PTL are the team for your new and innovative timber building!

    Innovative timber in the spotlight

    Innovative timber buildings, many of which involved the expertise of PTL timber engineers, have been showcased in the following article which highlights many of the eco-friendly and resilient principles to which the PTL team carry out their work: As the author says "...if you are building new, why not make it as resilient, sustainable, and future-proof as possible?" something PTLs timber engineering team can ensure for your next project.

    PTL Principal wins Kiwinet supreme commercialization award

    PTL Principal Andy Buchanan was awarded three categories at the third annual KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards in Auckland, including the BNZ supreme award and the people’s choice award. Around 250 people attended the Awards reception to bring together the people and technologies changing the research commercialisation landscape in New Zealand. "The awards celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of those who strive to bridge the gap between clever science and innovative business. We hope this event will inspire the next generation of innovative researchers and entrepreneurs.” said Dr Bram Smith, General Manager of KiwiNet during the event, "These people are quietly revolutionizing the New Zealand innovation landscape

    PTL Principal Research Entrepreneur Finalist

    KDC-andyPTL timber engineer Andy Buchanan has been celebrated as a hero of research commercialization ( "He and his team have initiated a step-change in the perception of structural timber, allowing direct competition with concrete and steel for large span and multi-storey buildings, for the first time. His innovative products allow architects to design structures not previously possible with traditional materials."
    PTLs recognized innovation in timber engineering delivers results with real commercial benefits. Contact us to see how our innovation can benefit your next project.