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Role of PTL

  • Assistance with the timber engineering conceptual design
  • Advice on the optimisation of the incorporation of the Pres-Lam structural system into the design
  • Advice on the integration of long span timber trusses into the building
  • Numerical modelling of seismic performance and system interaction
  • Peer Review of the Pres-Lam walls and the provision of documentation to the Carterton District Council
Carterton Events Centre

Photo Courtesy: Carterton District Council

Building description

Building Facts

  • Client: Carterton District Council
  • Size: Single Storey Auditorium | 1250 m2
  • Opened: October 2011
  • Architect: Opus Architecture
  • Engineer: Opus International Consultants
  • Timber supplier and fabricators: Juken New Zealand | TimberLab Solutions
  • Construction: Holmes Construction Group

Built to fulfil the responsibility of the Carterton District Council to promote the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of the district the Carterton Events Centre was a timber engineering solution for the heat of the Wairarapa. The strength of the 300 seat main auditorium comes from the use of Pres-Lam structural walls which are topped by long-span LVL trusses and timber rivet connections.

Providing earthquake security for this community structure the Pres-Lam walls combined internal post-tensioning with internal steel reinforcing. This combination provided a strong, seismic resistant, hidden connection which did not intrude into the vast space.

The use of Pres-Lam wall elements fitted perfectly with the large open space required for the auditorium and also allowed for the incorporation of the Category 2 historic Carterton Library, believed to be one of the oldest Operating Public library buildings in New Zealand.


Below is a selection of the many awards given to this structure:

  • Engineering Excellence Winner – NZ Timber Design Awards 2012


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