Kaikoura Civic Centre | Kaikoura District Council | Christchurch | New Zealand

Role of PTL

  • Assistance with the timber engineering conceptual design
  • Advice on the optimisation of the Pres-Lam structural system into the design
  • Numerical modelling of the structure and flooring actions
  • Analysis and verification of the timber gravity system
  • Peer Review of the structure and the provision of documentation to the Kaikoura City Council
Kaikoura Civic Centre

Photo Courtesy: DesignBASE Architects

Building description

Building Facts

  • Client: Kaikoura District Council
  • Size: 3 Storeys | 2400 m2
  • Opened: November 2016
  • Architect: DesignBASE
  • Engineer: Nelson Timber Solutions
  • Timber supplier and fabricators: Nelson Pine Industries | Xlam NZ
  • Construction: Ensor Builders

The new multi-purpose Kaikoura Civic Centre is open plan and versatile containing a first floor museum, a second floor library and council offices on the top floor. The first Pres-Lam building to be made entirely of timber, PTL’s innovations once again enabled the use of natural materials in spectacular natural surroundings.

Architecturally designed to represent a giant cray pot, the Kaikoura Civic Centre resists lateral loading through Pres-Lam walls spread around the structure. These walls are also the first use of cross laminated timber (CLT) in a Pres-Lam structure. In order to provide strength where required, LVL was used in critical regions of the CLT, another first for New Zealand.

The Kaikoura District Council envisaged a seismically strong, sustainable building that would be a tourist attraction in its own right but within the council’s budget. Through the use of timber engineering, and Pres-Lam and PTL innovation, this is exactly what they got.