Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges | All over New Zealand

Role of PTL

  • PTL are New Zealand’s experts in the structural design and specification of stress-laminated timber bridges

Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges

Structure Description

Building Facts

These bridge structures are:

  • Low cost
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easily Built
  • Long Lasting
  • Re-locatable

Stress-laminated timber bridges are used around the world providing sustainable, sturdy and cost effect solutions. Able to span up to 20 m and more, the use of timber makes the stress-laminated bridge light weight to maximise strength while minimising bridge depth.

Stress-laminated bridges are portable, prefabricated and easy to maintain. Stress-laminated bridges are also versatile with applications from architectural avant-garde pedestrian bridges to frequently and heavily loaded highway bridges. Stress laminating also has application in structural retrofit.

PTL are the New Zealand experts in getting a top quality stress laminated bridge, having been the exclusive users of this technology in New Zealand. Lightweight, low cost and sustainable, a PTL designed stress-laminated timber bridge will provide the perfect solution to your bridging problem.


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