Photo Courtesy: Carterton District Council


PTL provides a wide range of specialist structural and seismic design services, mainly related to innovative timber buildings:

  • Full structural analysis and design, and building consent documentation
  • Specialist seismic engineering advice for analysis, design, and construction
  • Preliminary structural design advice, and conceptual design alternatives
  • Earthquake monitoring services and dynamic data interpretation for buildings and bridges
  • Advanced structural analysis, including three-dimensional non-linear numerical analysis (Push-over, ADRS-capacity spectrum, non-linear time history analysis)
  • Peer reviews of structural designs by others

PTL can provide specialist knowledge in the following construction fields:

  • Office buildings
  • Houses and apartments
  • Educational structures
  • Tall timber buildings
  • Auditoriums, industrial and large retail construction
  • Timber bridges
  • Innovative low-damage technologies

Check out our projects page to find out more about the wide range of timber and seismic engineering services we offer.